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Drone Twilight Photography on Long Island

Long Island Drone Photography Twilight

Top Tips For Better Drone Twilight Photography

Drone photography can be beautiful if done correctly. If we are going to be taking pictures with a drone at twilight, there are a couple of things we can do to prepare the home for photographing. There are a number of tips that you should look at which will help you take the best twilight photographs with your drone.


It’s important for the look of the shot that the property or space be as clean as possible.  Remove all cars and trucks from driveways or parking lots. Make sure the area in front of the space is clean, free of debris or leaves and is presented in a way that you want the space represented.

Lighting For a Twilight Shoot

Turn on ALL lights. Whether we are shooting a residential home or commercial space, make sure all interior lights (or any room that has a window facing outwards) are turned on. Additionally, make sure all external lights that are on or illuminate the property are turned on.

Get a Great Sunset

Obviously, one of the most important parts to getting a great twilight drone photography is making sure we are shooting on a night with the “perfect” sunset.  While that is out of anyones hands, it’s important to follow the weather forecasts and make sure we go out on an evening where we know we’ll ave spectacular sunsets!

Besides regular photography, twilight drone photography can add that “missing” element to your production and help you really step up your marketing game.  Contact us now for a FREE -no obligation quote!